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Handmade Products

100% HANDMADE PRODUCTS by Tessera4x4 accessories


The only aluminum roller lid shutter (SOT-ROLL series) in the global market, 100% handmade, made with finest raw materials and artistry of Tessera4x4 accessories with 35 years of experience in the automotive industry:


  1. Each of the roller lids are unique and one of a kind. Skilled craftsmen are behind each unit’s fabrication process, from the design sketches, to the wrapping and shipping.


  2. High Quality that exceeds the global standards. We create products that we would like to buy and meet our personal criteria:


    • Perfection is in details, high involvement in each part of the product:
      1. Specially made (patented) perimeter base from anodized aluminum, which hugs completely 100% the shape of the trunk’s rail part in length and width (Patent Numbers: WO 2014/053863 & No. 1008153 & No. 1007595),
      2. Specially designed patented aluminum hinges that are impossible to disengage from each other (Patent Number: No. 1007947),
      3. The only aluminum roller lid shutter in the global market with a specially made obstruction system (anti-leaf system).
    • High quality products made to last: The most strongest and durable roller lid-shutter available in the global market.
  3. Highly Customized products: Our roller lid-shutters fit to all the available pickup trucks that are currently on sale. We manage to deliver first and fast compatible products for new pickup models like the latest Renault Alaskan and Mercedes X-Class.


  4. Environmentally friendly: Tessera4x4 accessories follows the international regulations on quality certification of its products as well as environmentally responsible methods which are certified with ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 respectively.


  5. All our products pass from three different quality controls before their dispatch from our warehouse: Tessera4x4 accessories is the only company in the global market that before dispatching the products, first assembles them to their final stage in order to test every single part and be 100% sure that all is ok and in perfect condition. After that, disassembles them and inserts them in to their packages for export with gloves in order to avoid any scratches in the procedure.